The Office at Next Restaurant and Aviary

The Office at Next Restaurant and Aviary

Saturday night we went to The Office for Wil’s birthday. We went with Mike & Ashley, who I briefly mentioned yesterday. Wil & I had been to The Office for one drink after we dined at Next for the El Bulli menu….but we were both already so full and tired that it wasn’t as special. Saturday we had so much fun though! I can’t want to show you the pictures. First, they had a whole page of gins! Talk about options.

I love the layered rugs. Don’t forget the key to get back in when you go to the bathroom or you’ll be locked out!

 Oysters with tinctures of different flavors!


A hot wax sealed, handwritten calligraphy cheque. And a walnut apéritif.

 Happy Tuesday!! XXOO