Family Christmas

Family Christmas

Part of Christmas almost every year with my family is actually taking a Christmas picture so Mom can send out cards for the “holidays” hopefully in that week before New Years ;-) It was so fun to include Wil as a family member this year!!! The frustrating part about what that implies is that there wasn’t anyone left who I could set the picture up for and hand the camera to press the shutter. Sooooo we set up my 5dMarkii and 85L on a kitchen stool topped with no less than 6 board games (because of course I didn’t know I was supposed to bring a tripod to Christmas!) and I prayed it wouldn’t tip over. AND IT WORKED! Thankfully. So here we are! The Whited family :-)

I took a few of Mom and Dad then…poor Mom was FREEZING! But aren’t they soooo cute!!

And this is my Granny!

Having last week with these wonderful people really warmed my heart! I get to spend so much less time back at home now, I really appreciate the few days I get here and there :-)