For the Love of Lists

For the Love of Lists

I am a list maker. Traditionally, the pen on paper type. I like listing all the things that I need, Even listing the key points when I searched for some dating tips at Dating 9 before, I listed quite a lot of points actually. Don’t judge me, I just love listing! The problem with this is that I end up with random notepads and sheets of paper spread out throughout the house, office, and different purses. Call me old fashioned, but there is something comforting about connecting my black gel fine tip pen to the sheet of paper. Watching the letters form words, sentences, whole ideas. Okay, I am definitely over-romanticizing this. But seriously, it is so much more fulfilling for me than typing at a bright screen that I’ve already stared at for 8+ hours that day. This is about lists though.

When Wil and I started dated we talked a lot about things we wanted to do together, places we wanted to travel to, restaurants we wanted to dine at, activities we wanted to participate in, etc. Less than two weeks into dating, this mental list was stacking up so I suggested sharing a google doc to keep track of the list. Oh yes. I am that nerdy. Wil loved the idea of course, so much so that he tweeted, “You know your gf is a geek (read: awesome) when she agrees that GDocs would be the best place to share a list of things to do together.” Oh the @replies he got, jokes from tech guys about my planning our wedding in Basecamp, it was hilarious (and they weren’t too far off base later down the road).

The really cool thing is that this doc not only captures all of the little things we wanted to do together (roadtrip to Chick-Fil-A before we had it in the city, introduce Wil to the Violet Hour, make Wil watch West Wing [the greatest television show of all time] from beginning to end, go ice skating in Millenium Park) it also documents our milestones. First kiss. Being officially “In a Relationship” on facebook. When we first said “I love you.” (Hey Wil, if you’re reading this, we should really start using that list again ;-))
Most of the lists I’m running now are a little less personal, and a little more crucial for my sanity. Here are just a few of them for your personal entertainment. And, yes, I do realize that I am BEYOND Type A.
Current lists:
To Do for this day/week/month
Annual & lifetime goals
Gear I still need to purchase
2012 weddings and other sessions
Blog post ideas and schedule
Monthly finances
WPPI classes, events, what I’m planning to WEAR <–( I AM CRAZY, I KNOW!)
Marketing & business plan month by month
Lists I really need to be making and working off of but aren’t yet:
Meal planning
PS If you missed the first part of this new blog series, I wrote about how much I love books last Wednesday!

Do you keep lists? How do you stay organized? Tell me in the comments!