MMXII: Goals

MMXII: Goals

Happy New Year!!

I hope you had an amazing NYE celebration :-D We had so muh fun at NV downtown with some dear friends.

If you missed last week’s round-up you absolutely want to go back and see them! Monday I shared my favorite images of couples in LOVE. Tuesday was full of pictures of me working behind the scenes! Wednesday was my favorite wedding portraits. Thursday was kind of hilarious and awesome…candid random pictures from weddings that made me smile or laugh! And Friday was a DANCE PARTY (aka hilarious reception round-up)!!!!

Today’s post isn’t just about the goals I’m sharing but it’s about putting this stuff out there! However big, and scary. However hard I will have to work. There will be things on these lists that I can cross off easily, and there will be things that just won’t happen. But I want to push myself this year, like never before. I want to work harder at working smarter. There will be things I fail at, I’m sure. And there will be things I’m fearful of trying. This is where I need you to push me! Alright here we go!

Business Goals for MMXII: 

I. Maintain my business and marketing plan for the year. Yes an actual written, month-by-month plan.

II. Rock at surprising my clients and surpassing their every expectation (good surprises only).

III. Shoot 20 weddings this year

IV. Get my packaging branded and simplified.

V. Better engage my audience –> Triple my monthly online traffic and commenting

VI. Hire an awesome team to make an Emilia Jane Photography video!

VII. Write a viral post

VIII. Submit at least one wedding/session per month for a blog/magazine feature!

IX. Better define and streamline my style

X. Talk more about my WHY  :-D and pour my heart into this and into you all!

XI. Start video blogging

XII. Rock married couple’s worlds with my new Beloved sessions (announcement coming soon!!)

Personal Goals and New Years Resolutions!

I. Have a regular quiet time

II. Build into my marriage with Wil and into him as a person!

III. Master meal planning, eating local and clean

IV. Dress up more!

V. Read more, for business and for fun!

VI. Floss five days a week.

VII. Hire cleaning people.

VIII. Simplify our home style and make it work for us

IX. Spend my weeknights wisely

X. Mentor someone

XI. Get our finances in order

XII. Pursue joy in everything!

Because no post is complete without a picture… this is from Sarah & Jeffrey’s wedding. Their full wedding post is coming tomorrow!!

Now your turn to tell me! What are your goals and new years resolutions? Am I crazy for thinking I can do all of this? What do you think?