Dinner Parties Make My Heart Happy

Dinner Parties Make My Heart Happy

Because you see…I love dinner and cooking and food and all things associated with parties…this combination brings me joy! My love of hosting people for dinner goes all the way back to childhood. We had family dinner every night but most nights weren’t just family. Whether it was friends of mine or my sister, or students of my parents, we added a chair or three to the table almost every night. I love the community my family created around our dinner table. And I definitely have that dream for Wil and myself (and our future family) as well. Just this week I was so lucky to both host and attend little dinner parties! Cindy & Julia  hosted Elizabeth Clayton, Christy Tyler, and myself for a FABULOUS dinner on Saturday (pictures on Instagram). And we hosted Tim & Bethany for dinner (you know it was good because we had lots of cheese!) and cocktails (Wil’s Instagram pic) Monday night.

What is so cool now is that I get to host friends (and clients sometimes) for dinner but some totally rad couples are opting for food centric wedding venues too! Intimate, restaurant/foodie weddings seem to me like the best imaginable dinner party celebration with all of the most important people in your life! And for those of you reading who are planning larger weddings, a LOT of this feeling can happen at your rehearsal dinner too (if you want it to, that is). [I will photograph your rehearsal dinner if you want me to ;-)]

Because photography is my business, and really I just love this subject….of course I have to share a few favorites from family/rehearsal dinners and restaurant/foodie wedding celebrations! :-)

 Happy Thursday!

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