mk the restaurant wedding

mk the restaurant wedding

I’m not sure the best way to intro this post other than to say it was absolutely the most beautiful way I could imagine closing out this year. Sarah and Jeffrey are an amazing couple who you may remember from their ballroom dancing engagement session. They were married on Monday, December 19 at MK the Restaurant. I was so incredibly honored to be included in their intimate wedding. Their marriage celebration was so absolutely unique and heartfelt, I get teary just looking through the pictures again putting this post together. I’ll try to tell bits of the story throughout, but I truly hope the pictures can do it justice!

I would like to open by telling you about Sarah’s beautiful dress and coat. Handmade by Cindy and Julia of Crafty Broads, also APW sponsors. Both pieces were positively stunning.

Sarah and Jeffrey had their first date at MK. They are huge foodies and of course wanted to celebrate this as a part of the wedding! Every bite was to die for.

Jeffrey and Sarah have so many talented friends! We listened to the most beautiful harp music throughout the cocktail hour :-)

They shared a first dance as part of the ceremony immediately following the vows! Such a cool way to celebrate.

Another amazing part of the night was a group story! Everyone had a blast listening and participating.

The couple you see below are professional ballroom dancers who also performed for us!

And then they danced the night away :-D