Checking in on Goals & Hot Vera Wang Shoes

Checking in on Goals & Hot Vera Wang Shoes

How on earth are we in “mid” June already?! Literally we’re almost halfway through the year.  Time seems to be flying at a Star Wars lightspeed. Let’s call this a mid year review.

Business Goals:

I. Maintain my business and marketing plan for the year. Yes an actual written, month-by-month plan. Similar to my last check in, I am on plan mostly. I need time (from where?!) to write out a better marketing plan. I need to figure out how to best be in front of my ideal clients. Business plans are on track so far.

II. Rock at surprising my clients and surpassing their every expectation (good surprises only). Yes yes!

III. Shoot 20 weddings this year. Eight weddings complete for the year to date with 16 to go! YEAH!!!

IV. Get my packaging branded and simplified. Hmmmmm packaging you say?! Dang it. I need to do this. But again…time!? From where?!

V. Better engage my audience –> Triple my monthly online traffic and commenting. Woah. You guys! This is so exciting. It depends on how you judge traffic, but my biggest goals are consistently to be building unique visitors & pageviews BECAUSE it means you’re actually engaged and want to keep reading. From December to today we have 5x the unique visitors per month 7x the page views. Commenting seems to be growing…but please tell me that you’re here every once in a while! I love to know who is reading and what you think :-)

VI. Hire an awesome team to make an Emilia Jane Photography video! EEEEEEE!!!! Chadwick & Chaili are coming THIS WEEKEND (actually they’re flying in really late TONIGHT) to film! I am SO EXCITED!!! I’ve done lots of shopping for this! I can’t wait to see how it comes out.

VII. Write a viral post Hmmm I feel like this will happen organically if/when? Maybe this was kind of a silly goal? 

VIII. Submit at least one wedding/session per month for a blog/magazine feature! YES! Two blog features coming in the next two weeks and many many more to come. I’m submitting my little booty off.

IX. Better define and streamline my style. I think this takes time…but I feel like I’m making pretty big strides! What do you think?

X. Talk more about my WHY :-D and pour my heart into this and into you all! I need to continue to do this, I hope the video shows some of my joy & excitement as well!!

XI. Start video blogging Well shoot. I kind of feel like I don’t have anything to video blog about…maybe a tour of the redecorated living/meeting room space & kitchen/bar? ;-) 

XII. Rock married couple’s worlds with my new Beloved sessions (announcement coming soon!!) Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so in love with celebrating marriage years and years after the wedding :-) If you are married, or know married couples who might be interested, please send them my way :-)

Okay….since we’re really digging into busy season I know this is going to be hard…but I feel like I really need to kick it up a notch! I don’t know where the time will come from…but there is SO much more to be done!

Personal Goals and New Years Resolutions! 

I. Have a regular quiet time. This is moving in the right direction. KT and I are reading through Psalms right now and it is SO beautiful! I’m not great at carving out time every day, but I feel SO much better when I start this way.

II. Build into my marriage with Wil and into him as a person! We’ll have to check with Wil on this one, but we’re definitely growing together! I definitely should be more encouraging though :-/

III. Master meal planning, eating local and clean. Well. Harumph. We are eating at home more! And I feel like I’m making less last minute trips to the grocery. It’s so hard in this season to even know how many meals to plan for us at home… but we’re doing well with the eating clean bit!

IV. Dress up more! Yes yes :-D

V. Read more, for business and for fun! I think I did really well through the winter and some of spring for this…but I need to find more “me” time to fit this in.

VI. Floss five days a week.  UGH! Why am I like a petulant child about this?! I need an accountability partner or something to ask me if I’ve flossed. Maybe I need a daily pop-up alert on my phone or something :-(

VII. Hire cleaning people.  Nope. Not even close. And with Chadwick & Chaili coming this weekend you know I’m about to do a really bad job wasting a ton of time attempting to clean well. Eventually…maybe? 

VIII. Simplify our home style and make it work for us. Yes. We’re so close! I can’t wait to show you all the progress! The biggest thing now is that I need navy throw pillows before Friday (where should I go? Home Goods? C&B didn’t have what I needed, I looked there yesterday) and then to print some pretty, big pictures for the wall!!

IX. Spend my weeknights wisely Hey! Progress! I’m on a good trend here I think…including wine & the Bachelorette, and just quality time cooking dinner with Wil.

X. Mentor someone You guys! I’ve had three wonderful people email me since my last post. It is so fulfilling to hopefully be helpful in answering questions :-) Please do not hesitate to email with questions! I love interacting with you all.

XI. Get our finances in order. We have a plan. A written, mongo spreadsheet plan. And right now we are on track. 

XII. Pursue joy in everything! Daily reminder! I need this on a sticky note in my mirror in the morning or something! But yes yes yes!

Thank you SO much for reading and supporting me. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help you with goals for the year, please tell me!! And please feel free to comment and help kick my butt into gear with this stuff too!! I also need it some skate shoes, I luckily found the right ones.

And since everything is better with a hot pair of shoes ;-) this is just a preview of the fun I had with Geneviève in Ohio last weekend and that I can find at! XXOO & a very happy Wednesday to you!! I also need it some skate shoes, I luckily found the right ones.