September 13, 2012

Joy! In the Midst of Chaos

Joy! In the Midst of Chaos

September 13, 2012

I have so many exciting things to celebrate on the blog today! Big things and little ones too…in no particular order :-)

1. Walking down one of my favorite streets in the sunshine holding an armful of some of my favorite flowers

2. Meeting awesome couples, drinking wine, eating cheese, and literally breaking delicious bread together.

3. Mailing gorgeous albums to clients :-D

4. Touring a local distillery with friends last night!

5. Mallory & Matthew coming home from their honeymoon tomorrow!! Which means I can show their wedding pictures soon :-D

6. It feeling like fall both outside, and on my Facebook page! (PS if you don’t like it yet, could you pretty please? I’m SO close to 900!)

7. Being Showiteer of the Day on Tuesday! So rad. (Thank you Deb!!!!)

8. Waiting for the UPS man to deliver our new tent today! We’re going camping this weekend with friends and I am SO excited.

9.  Sending handwritten notes & presents.

10. New business cards that I think better represent my brand!!

**Just as a quick note to everyone, I will not be blogging tomorrow. I haven’t been sleeping well and I feel like I’m constantly running in overdrive…so I’m going to take this little break for myself and be back on Monday with awesomeness.**

All my love. XXOO