August 9, 2012

Chicago Wedding Photographer » Rainy Day Link Love

Chicago Wedding Photographer » Rainy Day Link Love

August 9, 2012

Today is the kind of rainy day that makes me just want to curl up on the couch by the window and listen to the crack of thunder. To sink into the cushions, flip the TV on, and watch back-to-back romantic comedies. I hardly slept last night, so that probably also contributes to this malaise. But alas, my to-do list calls. So if you’re stuck at a desk today I thought I’d leave you a few fun things to entertain you while it pours outside. Thank goodness for the internet right?

20 ways to find your calling.

What is your Olympic athlete body match? I’m most like Asha Randall, a synchronized swimmer!

The best word ever.

Put fresh fruit in your sandwiches instead of jam. Brilliant!

The biggest movie franchises of all time.

I want to live in this fashion show.

This video makes me want children…if only so I can cook with them :-)

The key to creating remarkable things.

How to tie a scarf, according to Hermes.

Inside the London 2012 Olympic Village.

The most amazing Kickstarter I’ve seen in a while…I think Wil and I just might have to get the black one.


My other favorite rainy day activity is reading! I need your book recommendations for our trip next week so I can order them and get them here in time!!

…waiting for Shauna & Mike’s engagement pictures I was sitting in the car playing with my macro lens and the rain drops on the window

I hope it’s sun shiny and happy where you are today :-D Or at least that you can properly enjoy the rain if you’re here in the Windy City