Your Questions Answered!

Your Questions Answered!

Happy Monday! Thanks for asking questions last week :-) I’ll do my best to answer them now!

Anna asks: What is your favorite tea for rainy days? // We just picked up a tin of Kanpe from David’s and I can’t stop drinking it!

Natalie asks: What are your favorite shoes to wear to weddings? // My shoe trick for weddings is to always take two pair! I typically wear Nine West heels (link is similar to the ones I have, they don’t make mine anymore) in the morning and change into Steve Madden or Clarks flats for the ceremony if it’s a floor that my shoes will be loud on, or just at the reception. If I start the day in flats, I still bring a second pair to change into. I don’t know what it is about having another pair of shoes, but it has dramatically reduced my aching feet at the end of the day.

Abby Grace asks: Do you ever get pre-wedding nerves? If so, what’s your best cure? // That’s a great question! My friend Kina and I were talking about this the other day. I actually don’t get nervous for weddings, but I do for every single engagement/beloved/portrait session. The best thing I’ve  found to chill out mentally, is triple check that I have everything packed that I might need and get to the shoot a bit early so I can map out where I want to shoot. I always feel much more confident once I’m actually there!

Katie asks: Two bodies for two different lenses, or just as backup? // Yay! I’ve been meaning to talk about this recently. Two lenses! I keep the 35mm 1.4 on my left strap all day, and swap in the other lenses I use on my right side throughout the day (100mm/85mm/135mm). I am LOVING shooting with two bodies, and this system is working great for me this year. Huge perk, evenly distributed weight on both shoulders means WAY less back pain after weddings.

Sarah asks: What is the strap system you use to keep the cameras on you? // It’s a black rapid strap! I don’t think they make my model anymore, but I think this is the most similar.

Erin asks: Beyond your natural eye and experience, could you talk about the main influences on your photographic style, and how you developed your artistic “voice” as you grew as a photographer? // Wow, that’s a tough question. I think my photographic voice really is just the combination of my love and life experiences! My aesthetic has been impacted by everything that I’m drawn to from  travel, to interior design, to mixology and food photography, to historic royal portraiture. I’ve worked consistently on photographing things that I think are beautiful, and adjusting my technical approach to actually photograph things the way I see them, whether or not that’s as gritty as they may be in real life. I think everything changes when you start hunting for the pretty light, instead of just taking pictures wherever. I think I’ll be working on this forever.

Genevieve asks: What is your favorite part of any wedding/reception to photograph? And what is your favorite part to watch/experience? // Honestly my favorite part of the day to experience over and over is the ceremony! Sometimes I cry, but either way it always pulls my heart strings. This is the marriage part of the day, the forever part, and I just love it. I love photographing several parts of the day starting with the shoes and details at the beginning and I truly love creating portraits for my couples that I hope they’ll treasure for generations to come.

Thanks for asking, friends! <3 XXOO