Thirteen Goals for Twenty Thirteen

Thirteen Goals for Twenty Thirteen

(image by Simply by Suzy)

Last year I had twelve goals for business and twelve goals for personal. Frankly it was too much. So this year I’m simplifying. I’m going to attempt to simplify both my life and my goals. I realize it’s already the thirteenth day of the second month of two thousand thirteen…but I didn’t want to just commit to the first ideas I had this year. I wanted to better plan and strategize! Without further ado:

1. Focus on my faith. Commit to daily quiet time, pursue joy in all things, journal, pray, breathe, tithe.

2. Learn to listen. I’m a talker in case you haven’t noticed ;-) This year I want to strive to love others better and listen more carefully and speak less quickly.

3. Be a better wife. I could learn a thing or two about respect (see above^^^).

4. Figure out how to say no. To excess, to appointments, to lots of things frankly.

5. Be wiser with our money. The goal of this year is SAVING.

6. Build up my body. I need to eat more healthily, exercise, drink more water. Less days where carbs are my primary food group, seriously.

7. Talk more about marriage. With friends, with my couples, on the blog.

8. Learn & teach. Be mentored and mentor. Learn new skills. Get a library card and use it. Share what I know. Read again.

9. Blog less pictures I don’t love.

10. Streamline my business. Finish setting up the studio management software I’ve purchased. Get my contracts online. Automate where I can instead of reinventing the wheel over and over. Spend time on the stuff that matters and figure out how to simplify the rest.

11. Figure out how to better engage on my facebook page.

12. Have some of my wedding work featured in print. Continue to submit to the blogs I love.

13. Paint the bathroom and buy new towels. Isn’t it funny the things we procrastinate? Also funny, the things that make us feel less like “adults.” I’m ready for matching towels.

Cheers to dreaming big, loving bigger, and leaving the stuff that doesn’t matter behind. XXOO