Read Harder Challenge: 2017

Read Harder Challenge: 2017


A couple weeks ago my sweet friend (and Snapchat streak phenom) Liz tweeted about completing her 2016 Read Harder Challenge. Then she also tweeted when Book Riot announced the 2017 Challenge list! I clicked through and knew right away that it was exactly what I’ve been looking for to get me back in the reading saddle. And, reading outside of my comfort zone. For the past several years I’ve mostly read business books or frivolous fiction on a whim, but haven’t really been serious about reading in too long. Growing up we went to the library almost daily and frequently maxed out the number of books we could take home. I’m hoping I can keep up with this challenge (shouldn’t be too hard if I spend less time mindlessly clicking through social media) and I hope to have a few friends join so we can keep each other accountable! If you’re curious, here’s the link to the challenge post and editable PDF to fill in your books. I’ve also found a Goodreads group with lots of discussion about each line item of the challenge (and suggestions!).

First up, and maybe the easiest to step into for me, a travel memoire (#8 on the list), The Umbrian Thursday Night Supper Club by Marlena de Blasi.

Please comment or email me if you have questions or are interested in joining!

Quick update 1/15/17: I read as many books in the first ten days of 2017 as I read in all of 2016. And now I’ve almost doubled that, and it’s still January. I’m spending less time on my phone, less time on social media, less time watching TV, and am so much happier. Every time I leave a Soul Cycle class I feel confident in surviving this coming administration, and with the addition of books, I feel even so much more so. The second book I read was The Color Purple which I read on my iPhone’s Kindle app while I waited for my next batch of books to come in. The third book I read was The Boys in the Boat. I can’t recommend that enough (Thank you Dad for giving this to Wil for Christmas last year!). I’ve also just now finished Funny in Farsi and Ms. Marvel: No Normal for the immigration and all-ages comic tasks. Up next, I’m starting Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit.