Q2 Checking in on Goals

Q2 Checking in on Goals

Hello! I hope you survived all the April fools trickery :-) I cannot believe we’re already into the second quarter of 2012! Can you? I just wanted to stay accountable and check in with you all for my goals for the year…and nudge myself along in the right direction of getting things done.

As far as business goals go……

I. Maintain my business and marketing plan for the year. Yes an actual written, month-by-month plan. This is on track financially so far, but marketing-wise I have kind of derailed a little bit. I need to sit down again and revisit what I want my marketing to look like! I need to make sure I’m in front of and finding the right couples that just jive with me as well as married couples for Beloved sessions!!

II. Rock at surprising my clients and surpassing their every expectation (good surprises only). YES!  I love this part of my job.

III. Shoot 20 weddings this year. I have completed four weddings as of this weekend for 2012 and have another eighteen scheduled! Looks like we’re on track :-)

IV. Get my packaging branded and simplified. UH OH, I’ve been caught. I need to do this. I have taken steps toward this! I found a company I think I really like at the tradeshow in Vegas. Now I just need to actually order things from them….

V. Better engage my audience –> Triple my monthly online traffic and commenting. I need to go check my Google Analytics, but I know we’re building in the right direction :-) I definitely tried to nudge along with the “Let’s Chat” post a couple weeks ago. I know you’re out there! Say hello in the comments every once-in-a-while ;-)

VI. Hire an awesome team to make an Emilia Jane Photography video! DONE! I cannot wait to bring Chadwick and his beautiful wife Chaili out from California in June :-) I am so excited about this.

VII. Write a viral post Still needs to be done. No ideas on this one yet :-)

VIII. Submit at least one wedding/session per month for a blog/magazine feature! I have started submitting! More progress coming soon!

IX. Better define and streamline my style. I think the biggest thing I need to do with this is just keep shooting. Every session I feel a little bit more in tune with how I want everything to piece together to best represent the couple’s love and my style. I think Matt & Tiffany’s Beloved session a few weeks ago really pushed me in the right direction! I can’t wait to show you all pictures from this last weekends wedding too :-) 

X. Talk more about my WHY :-D and pour my heart into this and into you all! Much progress can be made here. I think it’s a lot easier to show/share my joy in person…but I have no idea how this comes across online :-/

XI. Start video blogging Dun dun dun. A few of my photographer friends have just started a 30 day vlogging challenge, to video blog 30 days in a row…I think this might just be the kick in the pants I need to at least do a couple and test the waters :-)

XII. Rock married couple’s worlds with my new Beloved sessions (announcement coming soon!!) Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so in love with celebrating marriage years and years after the wedding :-) If you are married, or know married couples who might be interested, please send them my way :-)

Personal Goals and New Years Resolutions! Can I just get a collective “whew” that we made it through business goals. That honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be! Lots to do…but this is always true :-) I’m nervous moving forward though…this probably isn’t going to be pretty.

I. Have a regular quiet time. Hmmmm welllllllll regular. Let’s define regular? No two-ways about this, I’m not on top of it. I am so thankful for my beautiful friend KT, we’re reading through Paul’s letters together and keeping each other on track. Now if only I could carve out time *every* day…. 

II. Build into my marriage with Wil and into him as a person! We’ll have to check with Wil on this one, but we’re definitely growing together! I definitely should be more encouraging though :-/

III. Master meal planning, eating local and clean. Hmmmm meal planning you say? I think this would require being at home to *make* dinner regularly. I’m definitely trying. And I think we’re making progress! I need to stop celebrating and thinking it’s okay to eat brownies for dinner… 

IV. Dress up more! Yes! I love this.

V. Read more, for business and for fun! Yes! Recent reads from this last monthand prior to that! Are you on Goodreads? Add me as a friend! 

VI. Floss five days a week.  I won’t lie. I haven’t done this. Not even close. Alright, Q2 let’s make it easier, let’s say floss 2x a week. I’m going to try to start slowly and build up ;-) fingers crossed!

VII. Hire cleaning people.  I just received contact info for a lovely woman from friends, now I just need to call her…..You’d think I would have done this faster!

VIII. Simplify our home style and make it work for us. Progress is being made. And eventually I will successfully decorate the living/meeting room! Hopefully before Chadwick comes out in June to film the promo video :-)

IX. Spend my weeknights wisely Some weeks go well with this…others not so much. But in general I feel like I’m on the right track. Especially in comparison to last year! My goal for sure is to spend more quality time at home with Wil in the evenings :-)

X. Mentor someone Calling for potential mentees! Let me know if you want to talk :-)

XI. Get our finances in order. Well taxes are certainly pushing us in the right direction here…baby steps….baby steps…

XII. Pursue joy in everything! YES! I need this as a daily reminder!


….If you’re still here…thanks for making it through! Please feel free to kick my butt in gear on these :-) I promise tomorrow’s post is beautiful wedding pictures! But really I want to ask about your goals for the year. Are you on track? Can I help encourage you in some way? Happy Monday!! XXOO


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