Portraits for Married People…what?!?!?! Yes, Beloved.

Portraits for Married People…what?!?!?! Yes, Beloved.


[bih-luhv-id, -luhvd]  adjective 1. greatly loved; dear to the heart. | noun 2. a person who is greatly loved.

Today I am so excited to tell you about about a new kind of session I am just now starting to offer. I’ve had this idea in my mind for a long time of sessions for married people in love. Something like an engagement session…but more… Yesterday was Wil’s and my 1 year anniversary and I can’t begin to explain to you in words how much more I love him now than I did even just one year ago. I cannot imagine what that is going to be like in 10, 25, 40 years. I believe love grows over time. I want to document your love growing.
Because here’s what I see happening. You fall in love, get engaged, take engagement pictures, take wedding pictures, ……………(fill in appropriate number of time for you and your partner and then choose whether or not to proceed with babies)…………………..probably have babies, take family pictures, take family pictures, take school pictures for kids, etc etc etc. And that’s great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure your kids are awesome. I want this to be just for you and your spouse. I want the two of you to take even just an hour to escape your every day, to reconnect with each other, to laugh, to hug, to love. And I want to be there to capture it! I am so excited about this time for you two.

This is just a hint at the direction that I want to go with these :-)

I want to do this with you all to be able to see and capture your JOY!

And because I am SO excited about this today I am gong to give away one hour long Beloved session to a lucky married couple! I cannot wait to hear and capture your love stories.

To enter:

1. Comment below with the one characteristic you love most about your spouse (facebook comments will not count, please fill out the form below to comment)

2. Share this post on facebook saying “I’d love to win a Beloved session with @Emilia Jane Photography  http://emilia-jane.com/?p=945 ” (please be sure to retype the @Emilia Jane Photography so it tags my page)

And that’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions with these two things :-) Any married couple can be eligible. If you aren’t married but want to nominate your parents, that is totally fine with me! I will randomly select a winner and announce them next Tuesday!