Check-in on Goals for the Year

Check-in on Goals for the Year

Hi there :-) It’s been a while, hasn’t it?? Well we’re past half way through the hear (HOW did that happen??) and I thought I should probably check in with my goals progress so far!

1. Focus on my faith. Commit to daily quiet time, pursue joy in all things, journal, pray, breathe, tithe. This is actually manifesting itself a little differently than I expected. Yes I still struggle with reading every single day…but one of the biggest benefits of taking my business full time is having day time to spend with my amazing friend Ashley. She and I meet during the week and pray together and read the Bible together, and it does wonders for my spirit. Our time together encourages me and I hope to have this kind of friendship with more of my girls soon :-D 

2. Learn to listen. I’m a talker in case you haven’t noticed ;-) This year I want to strive to love others better and listen more carefully and speak less quickly. I am TRYING. I think we’ll have to get feedback from Wil here…(uh oh)

3. Be a better wife. I could learn a thing or two about respect (see above^^^). Boy oh boy did I pick a challenging year to make this a top three priority. I really struggle with switching my brain back and forth from being in charge of my business and making all of the executive decisions for our home most of the time (now that he’s traveling every week) and then actually conferring with him and talking things through and asking his opinion when he’s home. So yeah, this is hard. But it’s worth it. So so worth it.

4. Figure out how to say no. To excess, to appointments, to lots of things frankly. Ummm yeah no. I’m terrible at this. I can’t tell people no. 

5. Be wiser with our money. The goal of this year is SAVING. Soooo I left my corporate job….we aren’t saving quite as much as I’d like (yet)….but it will happen. 

6. Build up my body. I need to eat more healthily, exercise, drink more water. Less days where carbs are my primary food group, seriously. Great timing for this check in actually! Tomorrow is my second meeting with a personal trainer. She’s incredible and already has me supplementing paleo…I’m not ready to make the full jump yet. I look forward to what we can accomplish together! 

7. Talk more about marriage. With friends, with my couples, on the blog. Man oh man…it’s hard to want to talk about marriage more when I don’t feel very good at it a lot of the time. I’m also struggling with figuring out what to blog about marriage when it’s so personal and it’s stuff we’re still hashing out. More to come when I find a balance here :-)

8. Learn & teach. Be mentored and mentor. Learn new skills. Get a library card and use it. Share what I know. Read again. LOL. Yep, library card? Definitely hasn’t happened. I did read and HIGHLY recommend And the Mountains Echoed. But that’s it recently :-/ (wedding season is BUSY folks!)

9. Blog less pictures I don’t love. YES!!! I am actually doing this. I love like 90% of what you see on the blog now. This feels so good. 

10. Streamline my business. Finish setting up the studio management software I’ve purchased. Get my contracts online. Automate where I can instead of reinventing the wheel over and over. Spend time on the stuff that matters and figure out how to simplify the rest. Ummmm yeah… season has been kind of insane….I WILL get this in place when things so down. 

11. Figure out how to better engage on my facebook page. Hmm not so much great at this one. Any tips from readers about more of what you’d like? And business owners about what works for you? 

12. Have some of my wedding work featured in print. Continue to submit to the blogs I love. I would actually have to submit for a magazine for this to happen…which is on my to do list. But! Great blog features! Even a brand new one today on Style Me Pretty that I am SO excited about :-D 

13. Paint the bathroom and buy new towels. Isn’t it funny the things we procrastinate? Also funny, the things that make us feel less like “adults.” I’m ready for matching towels. This is half done! We actually now have beautiful matching towels that I love. And! I picked a color to paint. Now I just have to actually do it. 

Two thousand thirteen has been a really amazing year so far…but also really challenging. I’m still working on the slowing down part…but I’m a big believer that everything will shake out the way it’s supposed to. I can’t wait to see what happens throughout the rest of the year!

How is your year so far??