August 22, 2013

Rainy Day Link Love

Rainy Day Link Love

August 22, 2013

As I opened the front door this morning it felt like rain might start pouring down at any given second. So! Perfect timing for another installment of rainy day link love :-)

Champagne is actually good for you! I secretly knew all along ;-)

The shift from photography as documentation to conversation. Fascinating. for real this is amazing

A brilliant decision tree for closet editing

Weird and effective time management tips when working from home!

I am totally adding rosemary and black pepper next time I make popcorn!

A really important note about Pinterest

Pros and cons of being tall

Packing like a flight attendant

Normandy in 8 minutes. Take me there!

Oh many this first day of marriage is TOO pretty

One day in a future home I will have a room with a map wall

I feel like I should find a vinyl chair just so I can spray paint it like this!

Don’t you just love scrolling through old trip photos? The picture up top is from Paris last November.

Cheers to a productive rainy day everyone! XXOO