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Practical Ryan Gosling

I’m sure by now you’re familiar with the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl’ meme. There are an overwhelming number of these... View full post »

For the Love of a Good Cocktail

Today is part three of my little about me series from the purple boxes on my website :-) Part one is about my love of reading books! Part... View full post »


So I’m sitting here, staring at the white screen.  I had a blog post planned, but I can’t seem to type the words. I hear,... View full post »

Morton Arboretum Wedding Photography

I am so excited to share Urmi and Art’s beautiful celebration with you all! They were wed Saturday, January 14, at the Thornhill... View full post »

For the Love of Lists

I am a list maker. Traditionally, the pen on paper type. The problem with this is that I end up with random notepads and sheets of... View full post »

Macro Snow :-D

It snowed here yesterday! I couldn’t help but walk outside with my macro lens :-D It’s just so pretty! I think that... View full post »

For the Love of Books

Today marks the beginning of something really fun for me! My first blog series, and it’s going to be all about things that I love... View full post »

Family Christmas

Part of Christmas almost every year with my family is actually taking a Christmas picture so Mom can send out cards for the... View full post »

mk the restaurant wedding

I’m not sure the best way to intro this post other than to say it was absolutely the most beautiful way I could imagine closing out... View full post »

MMXII: Goals

Happy New Year!! I hope you had an amazing NYE celebration :-D We had so muh fun at NV downtown with some dear friends. If you missed last... View full post »