Fine Art Floral Photography

Fine Art Floral Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (anything, I know) but especially any of my personal work. I’m really excited to share some of this new fine art floral with you! Since my last post about it, I’ve had some really exciting partnerships come to fruition. Firstly, my work is now available on Artfully Walls. And through that, Anthropologie (!!!!) has actually picked up not one, but two of my pieces as well. I’m obviously thrilled about this, and excited for the future! I’ve also set up my own gallery where they are all available for sale, and frequently run 20% off to my newsletter subscribers, so pop onto that list if you aren’t yet <3

This arrangement was designed by Tara Guenther of Taxaflora. It was a gift from the Clover Events team, and photographed by me.

I have previously done two in person workshops with Nicolette Camille, in Brooklyn and Portland, and jumped at the opportunity to do this online class with her when we were all in shelter in place this spring. This is my absolute new favorite and available with two options on Artfully Walls and lot more than that in my own gallery.

Which is your favorite? <3 Xx