August 31, 2012

Of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Giving Up Coffee

Of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Giving Up Coffee

August 31, 2012

I read a book on our trip two weeks ago that inspired me. So I decided to go through the 7 journey myself. 7 months tackling 7 areas of excess. Tomorrow is the first day of the first month. Food. In the book, Jen (the author) picks only 7 foods to eat for the month. My goal for going through this is to create habits that hopefully flow into my normal life after these 7 months are over. Things that once I start will hopefully be sustainable (ish).

So I’ve decided to do my own thing and make a mix of adding and eliminating a total of 7 things for the month. First on my cut list is coffee. I walk to Starbucks twice a day. It’s not cheap. I say that I do it to get up and take a walk….so there’s no harm in just getting up and taking a walk right?! Here’s the huge dilemma though…the Pumpkin Spice Latte (my most favorite of all the coffee drinks) officially launches next week. In September. Writing this now I realize how dumb it sounds that I hated the idea of waiting an extra month until October for this latte…but I swear it’s special! Thankfully my sweet sweet barista totally broke the rules yesterday and gave me the Pumpkin Spice early. I could have kissed her.

Alright so here we go! I’m going to need your help keeping me accountable.

I am cutting: 1. coffee 2. alcohol (except the occasional glass of red wine) 3. Coke/soda/pop. So my goal for this month is to drink 99% water and tea.

Food wise I’m cutting 4. anything with high fructose corn syrup & 5. anything at the grocer with more than 7 ingredients (I find that after 7 they’re typically unreadable…whyyyy am I intentionally ingesting chemicals?!)

I really wanted to add a couple healthy habits too! So 6. is making my own bread. (I used to do this but I stopped when Wil cut carbs before the wedding and have somehow never picked it back up) and 7. is to not let food in our house go bad for this month. (Yes this is a real issue for me, it’s embarrassing.)

I asked for 6 women to partner with me and I am completely in awe that 23 women are IN and joining me for various months of this journey. We had the first Google+ hangout last night so everyone could meet. We have women from California to New Jersey, and even one in Canada! I am so honored to go through this journey with such incredible women! And I can’t wait to update you more along the way :-)

I hope you have a fantastic long weekend! I have Mallory & Matthew‘s wedding today, and Lauren & Stefan‘s wedding on Sunday. Monday we’re relaxing with friends! What are you up to?? :-D