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Signature Room Wedding

I have been holding my breath in anticipation and excitement to share this wedding! Surrounded by their closest friends and family,... View full post »

Your Questions Answered!

Last week was SO busy! With the promo video, pictures of Martha & George, SUSHI!, pictures of Amanda & Katrina, and yummy... View full post »

Gin Cocktail:Fantasy Island

Remember that new gin I love? Mike Ryan from Sable made this drink and Letherbee posted the recipe on their facebook page. It’s SO... View full post »

Chicago Beloved Photographer » Amanda & Katrina

Beloved sessions are about celebrating your marriage. The laughter you share, the tears you shed, the secrets only they know, the pride you... View full post »

Making Sushi at Home

Monday night was a real treat. Our friend Rene (who was Wil’s roommate before we got married) came over for dinner. Normally when we... View full post »

Couples Session

When I first started conversations with Chadwick I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to include a shoot in my promo film. My whole... View full post »

Chicago Wedding Photographer » Emilia Jane Photography Promo Film

Today I could not possibly be any more excited to share the brand new Emilia Jane Photography promo film! This is just a little slice of my... View full post »

Chicago Make-Up Artist » Shannon O’Brien

I am so blessed in this job to be able to collaborate with other women who run their own businesses. Working with other creatives who are... View full post »

Call for Questions

Good morning! I’m sitting here with my big mug of coffee and bigger glass of water and I want to hear from you :-) I was going to try... View full post »

Blue Dress Barn Wedding

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun Kyle & Megan’s wedding was. I’ve known Megan for almost three years, and has been... View full post »

Hot Summer Nights

In all of the hectic-ness of summer (aka busy season) my quality time with Wil gets pushed to the back burner too frequently. I work a lot.... View full post »

Chicago Wedding Photographer » Shauna & Mike Preview

Shauna & Mike were wed yesterday at Chief O’Neill’s Irish Pub & Beer Garden but we took these pictures on the river... View full post »