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Weekend/Life/Sanity Updates

I won’t lie, I needed this weekend. However much I’ve worked, it’s been worth it because I feel like I’m catching... View full post »

The Perfect Margarita

This Friday’s treat is brought to you by Wil…and truly we have Betsy to thank too ;-) When we went home for Easter, Betsy &... View full post »

What’s In My Bag: Camera Bodies

Yesterday I received a fabulous book in the mail written by the talented Elizabeth Messina. She says something that I have to share before... View full post »

Work is Love Made Visible

I’m currently reading Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love and this into to Chapter 3 from Kahlil Gibran’s... View full post »

A Truly Chicago Engagement | Val & Theron’s Preview

Today I’m just posting one preview instead of a few discombobulated favorites. ;-) Aren’t they absolutely FABULOUS?! (there... View full post »

I’m Going to Be a Bridesmaid!

For the first time in my life I’m going to be in a wedding! I am absolutely overjoyed :-) More details to come of course, but because... View full post »

A Reminder

This week I kind of feel like life slapped me across the face. And that’s ok. Sometimes I need to just chill out and... View full post »

What’s in my bag: 135mm f2.0L

This is my last lens! The Canon 135mm f2.0L. This is my newest lens but my absolute favorite for ceremony time! I rented the 70-200 one... View full post »

Beautiful Flowers and a Metaphor

Last night my friend Frances surprised me with a beautiful gift of white roses. She had no idea they are my absolute favorite flowers! But... View full post »


It’s funny to me the questions people ask me that I never feel like I have a great answer for…like in college for example I was... View full post »

High Tea at the Drake Hotel

Good morning! How was your weekend? My weekend was nothing like what I thought it was going to be ;-) but I feel like sometimes those end... View full post »

Gypsy::Cocktail Recipe

It’s delicious cocktail time! This week I bring you the Gypsy. A yummy drink featuring three of my favorite liquors: Plymouth Gin,... View full post »