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Latest Obsessions (iPhone games, and More)

 Last week my friend Courtney asked me if I was playing Draw Something. I asked, what? It’s like pictionary she told me, except more... View full post »

What’s In My Bag: 35mm 1.4L

For the sake of order I’ve decided to do this series slowly moving in. Last week I talked about the 16-35L, my wide angle. Something... View full post »

First 5dMarkiii Images! Pretty Flowers, Dinner with Darcy :-)

Yesterday my 5dMarkiii was delivered. I told everyone at the UPS store about it while I was waiting for Josh to get my package. He shoots... View full post »

Redecorating Inspiration!

Soon I am going to begin hosting client meetings before and after sessions at home! I am super excited about this, and also really happy... View full post »

Home Sweet Home

I have always loved to travel. Since I was a small child I remember long road trips to with family and transatlantic flights. I love how... View full post »

GoodReads March!

It’s been a couple months since I’ve talked about what I’m reading so I thought it was probably about time to chat!... View full post »

What’s In My Bag: 16-35L

Today is the first day of a new series I’ll be sharing on Thursdays since I’m done with the purple “About Me” boxes... View full post »

Pictures of Us!

Last Spring my amazingly talented friend Darcy Demmel took some pictures of Wil and me. A few of them are on facebook, but I seriously have... View full post »

Chicago Beloved | Tiffany & Matt

Eek! Today is the day! I am SO excited to share Tiffany & Matt’s first anniversary Beloved pictures with you :-D Tiffany set this... View full post »

First Grill of the Season & My Not So Secret Recipe ;-)

Yay for spring!! I know tomorrow is technically the first day of spring but since it’s been so wonderfully unseasonably warm, we have... View full post »

I could start every day with donuts!

It started when I was a child. We had this amazing little local place in Evansville called the Donut Bank. It was a Saturday morning treat... View full post »

Ashley & Jeremy’s Las Vegas Elopement!

I’ve tried to start this post no less than five ways. There isn’t an easy beginning to this story. I think it starts with my... View full post »