August 7, 2012

All things Emilia Jane

All things Emilia Jane

August 7, 2012

Hi! If you’re here from APW today, welcome :-) feel free to take a look around at my recent weddings and engagement sessions! I also do awesome portraits for married couples called Beloved sessions. They aren’t like normal photo shoots, they’re all about capturing your love and how it grows over time! They’re right here if you’re interested. I do a mix of recipe and cocktail related, personal, photo, and business related posts on the blog, thanks for stopping by! Please don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions, want to hire me for your wedding or pictures, or just to chat!

Thanks for being here all!

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed…but round these parts we’re in the middle of what wedding industry people call “wedding season.” I’ve just finished my 14th wedding of the year last Saturday and can’t wait for the next on Sunday. This means a lot of things for me. Lots of work, obviously, which is good. But also lots and lots of hours in front of my computer. I just want to give a few shout outs to things that are helping me simplify my workflow and/or make my life better in the process :-)

1. Quickbooks. I fought this one for a long time. I was so wrong. I have a new accounting team (who are AMAZING–let me know if you need a referral) and they helped me get set up with Quickbooks. It is incredible. At any time I can pull profits and losses reports. Everything I need to know about how my business is doing financially is now at my finger tips. I feel so empowered. It’s incredible.

2. PhotoMechanic. I’m still deciding if I think this one is worth the $$$. But for now while I’m in the demo, I really like it. It’s what I’m using to really quickly import & sort which photos I want to keep from each wedding and session. It’s 10x faster than Lightroom at this one task (where I happen to sink a lot of time traditionally).

3. Blogstomp. This $30 app is so rad. It makes blogging a thousand times faster. It helps me make collages and dyptics quickly and efficiently.

4. AirDrop. As you may know, I just got a new laptop. This awesome feature of macs allowed me to wirelessly transfer documents, folders, pictures, anything, between my computers. It is rad.

Things that are keeping me sane while I work for hours on end:

1. the Olympics. :-D I’m crying happy tears almost every day at these beautiful stories.

2. Mini Snickers ice cream bars. They are my new happy. So delicious and bit sized!

3. Huge ice cubes that keep my big glass of water cold for a really long time and slowly melt while I work away :-) (seriously, I am so easily excitable haha)

Rad people I have to give a shout out to!

1. AJ Schulz aka Your Stylist AJ for being a fabulous wedding hair stylist and more importantly this week, getting my hair all prepped and sexy for my trip with Wil next week!

2. Meg from APW. For being generally awesome, and saying really nice things about me on APW today. (picture of Meg from Emily Takes Photos)

Happy Tuesday all! XXOO